A piece of beauty that last longer

Our mirrors perfectly show clear reflection without any absorbency and supported by fire endurance. High quality Miralux & Dantalux are produced with advanced Glaverbel, Belgium Technology. Miralux & Dantalux give classy, luxurious and spaciousness atmosphere to your interior. while Mirror Kita offers ideal solution for all purpose applications.  Asahimas mirrors will be such an ideal dream mirror that completes your home, office and restaurant, cosmetic and sanitary appliances, partitions, and room decoration


>Different because no copper substance in its metallic coatings
>Different because its qualities exceed current manufacturing standards
>Different because it stands against aggressive chemicals contained in maintenance products
>Different because its reflection is perfectly clear and without distortion.
>Asahimas mirror is also environmentally friendly. it's ecological reduces the ammonia content of the silvering line's waste by 90%

Product NameTypes Standard Manufacturing Size (inch)
      2 3 5 6 48x20 44x36 48x34 48x40 60x40 60x48 72x48 96x72 120x84
MIRROR Miralux MX                 5 5 5 5
  Dantalux MT       2 3 3 3 3 5,6 5,6
  Mirror Kita MK       2 2 2            

Our mirrors can be used in various applications, from interior design to industrial usage. Get the experience of our high quality mirror at your room. It will make a different impression of brighter, spacious and luxurious room with natural dear refflection.

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